Shekinah Travel and Tours was founded by Perlita Fria on January 25, 2000 with the primary purpose of showcasing various Philippine destinations for business, educational, leisure and recreational purposes. It aims to promote famous tourist spots, historical places, food, events, cultural exchange and everything the country has to offer, both to local and foreign travellers. It offers end-to-end travel essentials such as flights, hotels and accommodations, guided tours, land transportation and every other activity for a fun, hassle-free and unforgettable experience.


To be among the leaders in the tourism industry in providing affordable but quality and fun travel experience.


To provide travel opportunities catering to all different segments of the traveling market


  • Promote the Philippines as a top-of-mind tourist destination to local and foreign travellers
  • Offer educational tours and fun-learning activities to students
  • Provide travel services like plane tickets, accommodations, land transfers, guided tour packages and all the other travel essentials